Atlanta Project

PLACE:  Atlanta, USA
YEAR: 2020
PLAN: Design of a bathroom, second bathroom and new living room area.

For this project in Atlanta, Dwelli created a large bathroom with a modern style and renovated the living room area.


The bathroom has been designed to make it a room in the house where you can spend a lot of time, perfect for a couple. On the main wall, in fact, there is a top with two integrated Antonio Lupi Nido washbasins enriched by an Antonio Lupi Pantarei cabinet. The wall-mounted taps consist of two CEA design Bar16 progressive mixers. Above them, there are Antonio Lupi Neutro mirrors that make the bathroom even more spacious. Before reaching the bathtub area, which occupies the entire bottom part, there is a shower area composed of two stations, both with Antonio Lupi Lastra shower head and Gessi Rettangolo double thermostatic mixer with CEA Design hand shower and wall mounted spout. 


Inside this bathroom there is a real piece of art, the freestanding washbasin Introverso, also by Antonio Lupi, carved from a whole piece of marble and completely hand-carved. The washbasin is accompanied by an Antonio Lupi Ayati floor-standing column. There is also a shower with CEA Design shower head, shower arm and thermostatic mixer.


To furnish and heat the main living room, the Antonio Lupi Canto del Fuoco fireplace has been inserted, a surface that curves and retracts almost as a sign of respect for fire and its essence. In addition, an exclusive service was offered for this project: our consultant Giandomenico did not limit himself to the choice of bathroom or heating products but, thanks to scrupulous research, managed to find a magnificent modular sofa entirely Made in Italy. The Edra On the Rock sofa, placed in the centre of the room and in front of the window, is the undisputed star of the new salon, making the living space extremely elegant.

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