Having a wellness area in your own home is a luxury you deserve. After a long day at work, coming home and having a small spa at your disposal helps you to get on with life in the best possible way. Once again, Dwelli has thought of everything, selecting the best mini pools, saunas and Turkish baths to create a real SPA at home

How to create a wellness area at home? Dwelli's advice

Do you dream big and are you looking for the best advice on how to create a wellness area at home? In the Dwelli wellness section you'll find everything you need to turn a corner of your home or garden into a real home spa. You can create a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere without going far from home with mini pools from well-known brands such as Jacuzzi and Hafro. Dwelli gives you the opportunity to choose the best mini pool for your home from a wide range of models from top brands. Unique features, cutting-edge technology and design: these are the key words that drive us to seek out only the best. From Jacuzzi freestanding hot tubs to indoor spa-style hot tubs, built-in outdoor spas and outdoor hot tubs, you will be spoilt for choice. We have also selected the best multi-function showerheads to enhance your spa experience. When it comes to relaxation and wellness, thinking about the water jet is not an insignificant detail. That is why Dwelli has selected the best showerheads for you to give you the most suitable jet for your needs. This type of product allows you to choose between different jets. Depending on the model you choose, you can also have several additional features. You will also find chromotherapy showerheads in our section. These can be used in a variety of contexts and are perfect for your home wellness area. Chromotherapy is the practice of using colours to influence people's physical and mental well-being. A real added value for your relaxation.

Dwelli offers you a wide range of saunas and steam baths

A sauna and Turkish bath are a must for your home spa. Dwelli has also thought of this and has selected some of the best models from the most famous brands to best equip your home wellness area. Depending on your space and location requirements, you can choose the best sauna model from those in the catalogue. Hafro saunas and Jacuzzi saunas are a must. We have chosen more compact and more complete models to give you the opportunity to find the one that perfectly suits your needs. The benefits of a sauna are many: it helps reduce stress, can improve blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. It is a dream and a plus to have one in your home. If you also want a Turkish bath, Dwelli has selected for you the best models from the Hafro brand, one of the benchmarks in the sector. A Turkish bath to be installed in a home must be chosen with care and must have all the known functions, but also be compact so that you do not have any space problems.

More and more companies are choosing to offer wellness solutions for the home, we at Dwelli have decided to offer you the alternatives proposed by two major brands in the world sector: Jacuzzi and Hafro. Saunas , Hammam , Minipools and Multifunction shower heads  are special products linked to a sector called wellness. Until recently these products could only be found in beauty centers, wellness centers and spas, but given the incredible benefits that these treatments bring to those who run them some brands have well thought of offering solutions for the home. And then, on the market, we find mini pools with whirlpool, Turkish baths to be integrated into our apartments, saunas to be used at any time of day and to be installed in our homes, multifunctional shower heads for a regenerating shower all produced by important brands in this sector and who have made the care and well-being of the person their business idea. That's why we have chosen to offer you the products of two large companies that are famous all over the world and that for years have created products and perfect solutions for personal care: Jacuzzi and Hafro. Therefore, inside the wellness section you will find wellness solutions perfect to be integrated into your apartments.

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  1. Hafro Ethos Hamman SET70107-1S010
    €45,713.40 €37,470.00
  2. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET70102-1D010
    €46,410.02 €38,041.00
  3. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40097-1S010
    €42,750.02 €35,041.00
  4. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40092-1S010
    €43,739.44 €35,852.00
  5. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40087-1S010
    €40,660.16 €33,328.00
  6. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40082-1S010
    €42,344.98 €34,709.00
  7. Hafro Ethos Sauna SET50064-1S010
    €26,836.34 €21,997.00
  8. Hafro Ethos Sauna SET50063-1S010
    €27,707.42 €22,711.00
  9. Hafro Ethos Sauna SET50044-1S010
    €25,500.44 €20,902.00
  10. Hafro Ethos Sauna SET50043-1S010
    €26,486.20 €21,710.00
  11. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET60021-1S013
    €29,275.12 €23,996.00
  12. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET60023-1S013
    €30,204.76 €24,758.00
  13. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET60022-1S013
    €30,552.46 €25,043.00
  14. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET20011-1S013
    €22,421.16 €18,378.00
  15. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET20013-1S013
    €23,409.36 €19,188.00
  16. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET20012-1S013
    €23,699.72 €19,426.00
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