Very friendly and helpful.
With his meticulousness and attention to details, he ensures that every order is completed on time.
Their goal is to help you to find the best solution and satisfy your needs.

A dedicated sales team!

Our sales team will guide you in choosing the most suitable products to furnish your living space.

Their experience is at your disposal. Since 2014 to date they have satisfied more than a thousand buyers, providing details on the technical compatibility of the selected products and helping them with customised quotations and cost estimates. In addition, they will always keep you updated on shipments and delivery times. The advisory service also includes the possibility of searching for a brand not present in our catalogue. Their assistance will accompany you throughout the entire purchasing phase up to after-sales.

Fill in the form below with all the information that might be useful to create the perfect quotation for you.

You can write everything you need to be contacted as soon as possible.


The sales team is at your complete disposal.

Professional advice will enable you to bring your ideal project to life.

If you have already received a quotation for your project, please send it to us and we will try to send you a better offer! In 90% of cases we have already provided cheaper quotation!

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Creative, curious and careful to all design innovations. Travelling and discovering new places are his greatest passions. Is determined to give the best advice for every need and follow you carefully with the aim of turning an idea into a concrete project.

The team of interior designers is at your complete disposal.

Their professional advice will give life to your ideal project.

The team will be able to combine functionality and aesthetic sense to optimise space during a renovation, new construction, but also for a restyling of the bathroom area.

By providing the details of the project, they will initially offer you a free basic moodboard to present an idea and, in addition, a one-hour video consultation.

Alternatively, it is possible to perform a live-guided video call for a virtual tour with the purpose of viewing the available products.

Fill out the form below to schedule your video call appointment!

Tell the team about your inspirations and attach photos of your home! In this way, they will create the perfect proposal for the style of your home.

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