Dwelli's catalogue of tiles, wall tiles, large formats and skirting boards is full of high quality solutions for the bathroom, kitchen and the whole houseA great solution for those who want the best for their spaces. We have selected the best porcelain stoneware on the market to guarantee high performance and unrivalled aesthetic beauty. All our surfaces are easy to clean, water resistant and durableWe have also chosen large formats, one of the coolest trends of recent years. By choosing this solution, your spaces, both indoors and outdoors, will have that extra touch of elegance and modernity. This type of format is appreciated for its ability to create a visual effect of continuity and space. A real jewel for your home.

Why choose porcelain stoneware from Dwelli?

Porcelain stoneware is a type of ceramic obtained by pressing a compact, coloured paste. Porcelain stoneware is a French term that well describes the characteristics of this material, which is characterised by a structure that is resistant to everything. Stains, wear, scratches: nothing can damage porcelain stoneware, which retains its beauty and quality intact. It is, after all, a non-porous material and this detail also guarantees its hygiene. Thanks to its composition with natural materials, without the use of plastics and harmful materials, porcelain stoneware is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. It is not affected by mould. It is recyclable. In addition, porcelain stoneware floors are fireproof and very safe in this respect.  

Floor and wall tiles for kitchens and bathrooms: Dwelli has chosen the best brands

In the Dwelli catalogue you will find a wide range of floor and wall tiles to meet all your bathroom and kitchen design needs, as well as flooring for your living spaces. The catalogue includes the best brands of floor and wall tiles made in Italy and beyond. We have selected only the best products and a wide range of colours and patterns to suit every style. Quality and design are our hallmarks and guide all the choices we offer you. You can buy bathroom and kitchen tiles, as well as wall and floor tiles to suit your personality and the style of your home.

Large format flooring: the trend of the moment

One of the most popular trends in interior design is large format flooring. That is why we have decided to dedicate an entire section to this trend, giving you the opportunity to choose the brand, colour and finish you prefer. This is the best solution from an aesthetic and design point of view, but also in terms of surface maintenance and practicality. Large format tiles can be used for floors, walls, shower cubicles and outdoor areasBy choosing the model that best suits your needs, you can give your home a unique and unmistakable touch of style.

Floors, tiles and coverings. Unique and fantastic pieces able to give a special touch to your home. We have selected the best Italian porcelain stoneware brands to ensure quality and design. Indoor and outdoor tiles, both for flooring and for walls. Many of these products are much more than simple tiles, in fact they have particular technologies that make it indispensable under our feet. Very high abrasion resistance and very low water absorption values. Discover our products!

Dwelli is pleased to present Amoma, the new portal that joins its large family.

Here you will be able to find quality tiles, parquet, boiserie and wallpaper.

We have selected a wide range of references, brands, colours, sizes and designs perfect for you and your home.

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