The Dwelli furniture section is full of high-impact solutions in terms of design and quality. Chairs, tables, lighting are the key elements when furnishing a home and in our catalogue you can find the best Made in Italy and international furniture brandsWe have thought of everything to meet your needs. In the furniture section we have included furniture with a minimalist design and more classic lines. In this way, whatever style you have chosen for your home, you will be able to choose quality furniture, specially selected for you. 

Tables and chairs: Dwelli signs the furnishing of your home at 360°.

Chairs and tables designed to complete your home with the perfect accessories to give it a style that speaks about you and your personality. The perfect mix of quality materials and that unmistakable style that only the best home furnishing brands can guarantee. The furnishing solutions included in our catalogue are designed to guarantee maximum comfort and to give a unique touch to your living spaces. All the kitchen tables we have included in the catalogue have been chosen with attention to the materials used and the trends of the moment. Also present in the catalogue are outdoor tables that will make your open spaces, terraces and gardens more comfortable. Many are also the solutions present in the Dwelli chairs section. Here we have inserted chairs for the kitchen and chairs for the living room, stools, desk chairs and much more. Discover with us the brands we have chosen for you and for your home. 

Dwelli: lighting your home has no more secrets

The lighting in your home is an important aspect that you must consider when deciding how to furnish it. The right lighting not only improves the appearance of your home, but also affects your health and well-being. Living in a bright environment during the day and well lit at night helps you relax and live better. There are different types of lamps to choose from, such as floor lamps, pendant lamps, wall lamps and table lamps. Each type of lamp can make a unique contribution to home lighting. Floor lamps are free-standing lamps and as such can be placed anywhere in the room. This is why they are so important, because in addition to being able to create the right atmosphere in certain corners of the house, they are also a scenic element. They are often used to illuminate large spaces or even as accent lights to highlight details of the structure or furnishings. Pendant lamps are hung from the ceiling by a cable or wire. They are very beautiful and useful, especially when it comes to illuminating islands or dining tables. We have selected a wide range of styles and designs, from modern to traditional, to give you the chance to choose the perfect one. Wall lamps are often used to illuminate hallways, bathrooms or as a light next to the bed. We have also included table lamps in the catalogue, which are often used on work tables or bedside tables. Here too we have chosen different brands and models for your home.

We at Dwelli have thought of everything and that's why we have chosen to offer you also furnishing solutions compatible for the whole house, in particular we have chosen to offer you the possibility to buy on our shop Tables and Chairs of any kind to be integrated into your furniture. Dining tables, kitchen tables or to be used as a desk? Or a small furniture table in this section you can find it with simple kitchen chairs or futuristic chairs, lounge chairs, armchairs, desk chairs and chairs for all uses. Here comfort is the watchword and we have thus decided to offer you a wide range of Infiniti products with a modern and contemporary design to give a touch of your home. And if all this was not enough we also thought about Lighting , every well-lit house has a more decisive and strong character. And so we offer you the opportunity to purchase any type of product to illuminate your rooms from the classic lamp in the shape of a light bulb to the most particular lamp up to the lamp that is much more than a lighting system and turns out to be a perfect complement

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  1. Devon&Devon Chicago 1 Accessories lighting DECHICAGOCR
    Special Price €990.64 €812.00 Regular Price €1,238.30
  2. Devon&Devon Chicago 2 Accessories lighting DECHICAGO2CR
    Special Price €1,078.48 €884.00 Regular Price €1,348.10
  3. Devon&Devon Crystal Accessories lighting DECRYSTALCR
    Special Price €614.88 €504.00 Regular Price €768.60
  4. Devon&Devon Mooòight Accessories lighting DEMOONCR
    Special Price €642.21 €526.40 Regular Price €802.76
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