When we talk about taps we talk about a vital element for our bathroom. The faucets are made in many different materials. There are those who choose brass, those who choose stainless steel and those who choose to rely on the classic materials already used in antiquity such as bronze. Within this section you will find the sink mixers, tub, shower and bidet made by the best brands. Antonio Lupi, Flaminia, Cea Design, Nicolazzi, Gessi are just some of the great Italian brands that you can find on our website in the sanitary taps section. The mixers are made with the best materials on the market, the internal technology ensures maximum comfort and a pleasant jet as well as having an impact on energy saving and consumption of hot water. Design is definitely a point in favor of these brands we find brands anchored to the traditions such as the Nicolazzi company or more innovative brands such as the Flaminia company. Each of these companies is characterized by the love, originality and passion that it puts in its work and that have led them to be points of reference all over the world. In addition to buying the single product you can buy the entire series on our site and give your bathroom an unmistakable style.

Bathroom taps are an essential element to take into consideration when starting the project of furnishing this room. In Dwelli's taps section you can choose functional and design taps made of different materials, all of which are noble. You can choose from brass or stainless steel taps, depending on your preferences and needs. You can also choose the more classic bronze taps, a precious material known since ancient times. In the dedicated section you can buy washbasin and bidet taps, but also shower and bath tapsWe have selected for you the best brands on the market, such as Antonio Lupi, Flaminia, Cea Design and Gessi. These are some of the great Made in Italy tap brands that you can buy here at Dwelli. All faucets are made with the best materials and the latest technology for comfort and energy saving. Choosing this product carefully means reducing water consumption and having a comfortable stream designed for personal well-being. Dwelli gives you the chance to make your dreams come true, equipping your bathroom with everything you need to combine aesthetics and functionality in the best possible way.

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  1. Cea Design Asta Hydroprogressive tap with adjustable and removable spout AST01S
    Special Price €1,116.54 €915.20 Regular Price €1,395.68
  2. Cea Design Asta Hydroprogressive tap with adjustable and removable spout AST02S
    Special Price €1,130.21 €926.40 Regular Price €1,412.76
  3. Cea Design Cartesio Three-hole tap with swivelling spout CAR08S
    Special Price €2,110.11 €1,729.60 Regular Price €2,637.64
  4. Cea Design Cartesio Three-hole tap with swivelling spout CAR24S
    Special Price €1,503.04 €1,232.00 Regular Price €1,878.80
  5. Cea Design Ziq Two-hole tap with swivelling spout ZIQ32S
    Special Price €935.01 €766.40 Regular Price €1,168.76
  6. Cea Design Ziq Two-hole hydroprogressive tap with swivelling spout ZIQ34S
    Special Price €872.54 €715.20 Regular Price €1,090.68
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