Radiators are no longer the simple elements to be used to heat our homes but have become real furnishing accessories to choose from and also use as a style element in our apartments. Precisely for this reason, there are more and more companies that choose to propose new and different solutions with particular styles. What we offer you at Dwelli is a broad selection of products and radiators made by the best brands on the market, all with a common component "heating a flat with style". Among the brands we find brands such as Tubes one of the most famous on the market and also Colavene, Antrax and several others. All brands that have chosen to present different models of radiators, models of radiators that look like real works of art to show off with pride. We find them in many forms from the most classic to the most modern as well as finding them in many shades of color. The materials used to make them are among the best on the market and if every modern radiator is born with the same concept each of the models that you will find within our site has its characteristics and its peculiarities that make it unique in its kind.

The Dwelli radiator section is full of ideas for your bathroom and your home. We have selected a wide range of radiators for you to find everything you want. Over the years, classic radiators have been superseded by these, which are real pieces of furniture that warm your home and also give an extra touch of design that never hurts. This is why we have chosen the best radiator brands such as Brem, Tubes, Irsap and Antrax, which have been leaders in the sector for years and offer models that are always new, beautiful to look at and functional. Choose the models you prefer among vertical radiators, furnishing radiators with the most varied shapes, and bar radiators. You are spoilt for choice in our catalogue designed to meet all requirements in terms of style, colour, shapes. Radiators are essential to give warmth to your home and to complete the furnishing of your rooms with an element that is stripped of its traditional banality to take on new forms and design.

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  1. Tubes CV 14 Vertical and Single Radiator CV14#4006
    Special Price €217.50 Regular Price €290.00
  2. Brem Zoom furnishing radiator ZOOM
    Special Price €304.80 Regular Price €381.00
  3. Tubes KUBIK KV 15 Vertical and Single Radiator KV15#4006
    Special Price €357.75 Regular Price €477.00
  4. Tubes PLANET PV70 Vertical and Single Radiator PV70#120003
    Special Price €375.00 Regular Price €500.00
  5. Brem Cross-V furnishing radiator CROSS-V
    Special Price €468.00 Regular Price €585.00
  6. Brem Regular furnishing radiator REGULAR
    Special Price €482.40 Regular Price €603.00
  7. Tubes BATH 14 Vertical Radiator BA14#080040
    Special Price €494.25 Regular Price €659.00
  8. Brem Hook furnishing radiator HOOK
    Special Price €516.00 Regular Price €645.00
  9. Brem Lame furnishing radiator LAME
    Special Price €558.40 Regular Price €698.00
  10. Brem Vision furnishing radiator VISION-1
    Special Price €590.40 Regular Price €738.00
  11. Brem Cross-Q Radiators towel CROSS-Q
    Special Price €600.00 Regular Price €750.00
  12. Brem Cross-R furnishing radiator CROSS-R
    Special Price €603.20 Regular Price €754.00
  13. Brem Lame-Slim furnishing radiator LAME-SLIM
    Special Price €618.40 Regular Price €773.00
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