Heating your home in style: this is the mission of Dwelli's heating section. An extensive catalogue with everything you could possibly need: radiators and towel warmers, but also stoves and fireplacesAll selected in the Dwelli spirit, with special attention to design and quality of products and materials.

Dwelli selects the best pellet stoves and wood-burning stoves for you 

The new trend is heating with pellet stoves. Although wood-burning stoves are not being abandoned, this type of stove is becoming increasingly popular. The advantages of using a pellet stove to heat your home are many and varied. First of all, they are energy efficient, with a thermal efficiency that can exceed 90% compared to traditional wood-burning stoves. The reduction in energy costs is also very interesting. Pellets cost less than gas. Nor are these stoves lacking in technology and design. The latest models are easy to use and come with an automatic thermostat that can adjust the temperature from time to time. No more fossil fuels either: pellet stoves are an environmentally friendly alternative with a modern design and increasingly innovative functionality. Dwelli has selected the best brands of pellet stoves so that you can choose the one that best suits your home environment. If you are a lover of tradition, you will also find wood-burning stoves in the catalogue. Dwelli has thought about the needs of those who, like you, want the ancient warmth of the home fireplace.

A gas or a wood-burning fireplace? 

The choice between a gas and a wood-burning fireplace depends on several factors. Take into account your personal preferences and assess the availability of fuel, cost, maintenance and the characteristics of the room in which you want to install one or the other. Only by carrying out a preliminary analysis will you be able to carefully choose the best one for your home. Don't worry, Dwelli has thought of everything, offering you a wide range of gas fireplaces and more classic models of wood-burning fireplaces, which always have that classic, old-fashioned touch that drives many people crazy. And all of this, as always, without ever having to give up on design and quality.

Designer radiators and towel warmers for your bathroom: Dwelli has everything in mind

Designer radiators are a great solution if you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing and functional alternative to traditional wall radiators. They have become extremely popular with both insiders and those who want to create a unique and distinctive atmosphere in their home, thanks to their beauty. Various styles, materials and colours: Dwelli's radiator section is populated by the best collections from the coolest brands. Each type of radiator has its own characteristics and can be adapted to the needs of each room in your home. Finally, let's not forget the towel warmers, an increasingly popular element in homes that stand out for their originality and functionality. Dwelli has selected the best towel warmers on the market to add a touch of warmth to your bathroom.

A warm and welcoming home is what we all want especially in winter. We live in the generation that has the best technology that has ever existed in the world and among the so much technology that we find around us we also find many different ways of heating the rooms of our home. In the Heating section you can find the solutions to heat up your most avant-garde and most trendy home right now. Let's start from the stoves, the product of the moment chosen by many for its eco-sustainability and its versatility. A unique product that can take many different forms, on the site you will find many all made with the best materials and all adaptable to our needs, as well as finding any size. The Radiators , the element that becomes a work of art and a piece of furniture perfect to show off in our apartments, a double function warm up with style. And finally the fireplaces for those who want to give their home a touch a bit 'retro vintage but with an extremely modern flavor. Many different Fireplaces to choose from in any size and can be perfectly adapted even in our houses in the city. We at Dwelli Store offer you a wide range of products for each section to give you the opportunity to choose the right product for you.

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