The Turkish bath has now become part of any wellness center and wellness center. More and more people are relying on its use to benefit from some benefits. The Turkish bath is an important tool that allows you to make steam baths that bring benefits to the whole body both on a physical level such as muscle relaxation, body cleansing, elimination of toxins and on a psychological level as elimination of stress and elimination of anxiety, in some cases even promotes sleep. The cabins for the turkish bath that we offer on our site are normal size cabins and in some cases smaller than normal ones, allowing you to install a Turkish bath in your home, if you have a room large enough where place. Having a similar product at home means having an important mechanism available that is going to benefit all our body at any time of your day. The models we offer are among the best on the market, in particular we have chosen the Hafro brand that for years has embraced the idea of ​​presenting wellness solutions for our homes allowing us to purchase high quality products to be installed in our apartments.

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  1. Hafro Ethos Hamman SET70107-1S010
    €45,713.40 €37,470.00
  2. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET70102-1D010
    €46,410.02 €38,041.00
  3. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40097-1S010
    €42,750.02 €35,041.00
  4. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40092-1S010
    €43,739.44 €35,852.00
  5. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40087-1S010
    €40,660.16 €33,328.00
  6. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40082-1S010
    €42,344.98 €34,709.00
  7. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET60021-1S013
    €29,275.12 €23,996.00
  8. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET60023-1S013
    €30,204.76 €24,758.00
  9. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET60022-1S013
    €30,552.46 €25,043.00
  10. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET20011-1S013
    €22,421.16 €18,378.00
  11. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET20013-1S013
    €23,409.36 €19,188.00
  12. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET20012-1S013
    €23,699.72 €19,426.00
  13. Hafro Olimpo Sauna Hamman SET50031-1S009
    As low as €49,288.00 €40,400.00
  14. Hafro Olimpo Hamman SET20011-1S007
    As low as €22,421.16 €18,378.00
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