Is the sauna at home possible? Yes today! Thanks to the different solutions offered to us by different brands we can recreate our custom sauna in a bathroom or in any room of our apartment, choosing standard models with the most limited sizes. Why should we choose to have a sauna at home? Having the possibility to make a sauna whenever we want brings so many benefits. Among the most popular and known benefits we find the possibility of losing weight because they increase the heart rate and this causes our body to burn more calories than normal, cleansing the body and the body thanks to the sweating that allows to eliminate toxins and impurities present in the body or on the skin, elimination of stress, anxiety and insomnia, better blood circulation, elimination of lactic acid with consequent relaxation of all the muscles of the body, helps breathing, counteracts skin aging. So why not buy one and install it in our apartments? Within our site you will find the best products on the market, innovative, technological and cutting-edge solutions to allow each of us to have a product with multiple qualities available. Even the design of the saunas is not left to chance and is studied down to the smallest detail.

Have you ever dreamed of having a sauna at home? Now you can make it come true with Dwelli's sauna section. Everything you need to create a spa at home has been selected for you and your relaxation. Having a sauna at home brings many benefits: it gives you the opportunity to get rid of toxins and lose weight. It also helps to improve circulation and keep stress and anxiety under control. Having a sauna in your home is therefore a great solution if you want to create a wellness space in your home or outdoor areaWe have selected the best brands of compact saunas and offer them in a dedicated section where you will find design and technology at your service. Hafro saunas and Jacuzzi saunas are ready to be installed in your home to give you moments of priceless relaxation. All the selected models are designed to meet different needs in terms of space and budget, but what they have in common is quality and design. We have only selected models with the most advanced technology, because when it comes to saunas, quality is everything.

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  1. Hafro Ethos Hamman SET70107-1S010
    €45,713.40 €37,470.00
  2. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET70102-1D010
    €46,410.02 €38,041.00
  3. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40097-1S010
    €42,750.02 €35,041.00
  4. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40092-1S010
    €43,739.44 €35,852.00
  5. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40087-1S010
    €40,660.16 €33,328.00
  6. Hafro Ethos Hammam SET40082-1S010
    €42,344.98 €34,709.00
  7. Hafro Ethos Sauna SET50064-1S010
    €26,836.34 €21,997.00
  8. Hafro Ethos Sauna SET50063-1S010
    €27,707.42 €22,711.00
  9. Hafro Ethos Sauna SET50044-1S010
    €25,500.44 €20,902.00
  10. Hafro Ethos Sauna SET50043-1S010
    €26,486.20 €21,710.00
  11. Hafro Ghibli Sauna SGH10044-1S009
    €18,517.16 €15,178.00
  12. Hafro Ghibli Sauna SGH10034-1S009
    €17,774.18 €14,569.00
  13. Hafro Ghibli Sauna SGH10024-1S009
    €17,133.68 €14,044.00
  14. Hafro Ghibli Sauna SGH10014-1S009
    €16,438.28 €13,474.00
  15. Hafro Cuna Sauna SCD50037-1S014
    €23,849.78 €19,549.00
  16. Hafro Cuna Sauna SCD50027-1S014
    €22,455.32 €18,406.00
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