Rexa is one of the most recognisable brands when it comes to Made in Italy bathroom furniture. Renowned for its quality, the company produces collections that furnish your bathroom in 360°. The bathroom is the room in your home that you dedicate to your well-being, so it must be furnished with care and attention to detail. Rexa produces everything you need: from the washbasin to the bathtub, not forgetting bathroom furniture and accessories. Another feature that makes the brand recognisable is the quality of the materials used, which, combined with a design that is always at the highest level, allows you to have only the best for your bathroom. Among the materials used in Rexa bathroom furniture is Corian, which is known for being easy to clean and durable. Rexa also uses Korakril in addition to more classic ceramics to produce high quality baths, washbasins and sanitary wareDwelli has added Rexa baths, sanitaryware, washbasins and taps to its catalogue, all Made in Italy products known worldwide thanks to some iconic collections such as Minimal, R1 and Unico.

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