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Discover how Cea Design revolutionizes bathroom aesthetics with its innovative approach to faucet design. Learn about the brand's commitment to sustainability and design excellence that elevates any bathroom space.









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The Philosophy Behind Cea Design's Faucets

Cea Design transcends typical faucet functions. Each piece embodies the belief that design should enhance both the environment and lifestyle. Their faucets merge minimalist aesthetics with practical utility. This makes each piece not just a faucet, but a piece of art for your home.

During production, they focus on the purity and versatility of stainless steel. This material is durable and fully recyclable, showing their commitment to environmental sustainability. It also gives a sleek, modern look that fits any bathroom decor. The brand's meticulous attention to detail shows in every curve and line. This makes each product visually striking and highly functional.

Cea Design stands out by blending advanced technology with design. Their faucets feature innovative water-saving technologies that maintain performance and look. This shows their role as pioneers in faucet design and highlights their commitment to responsible water usage.

Choosing a Cea Design faucet lets consumers enjoy a product that excels in both form and function. It represents a philosophy that values design innovation and sustainability. This approach not only distinguishes their products but also strengthens Cea Design's reputation. They are leaders in the industry, always pushing what's possible in bathroom design.

Range of Products Offered by Cea Design

Cea Design offers a wide array of faucet collections, each designed to cater to diverse tastes and bathroom themes. From the sleek, contemporary lines of the INNOVO series to the classic elegance of the BAR collections, there is something to suit every preference.

These collections include options for sinks, showers, and bathtubs, ensuring a cohesive design aesthetic throughout the bathroom. Each series boasts a variety of finishes, from polished chrome to matte black, allowing for further customization.
The versatility in design ensures that regardless of your bathroom renovation or new construction, you can find a Cea Design faucet that perfectly complements your space.









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  1. Cea Design MILO360 Wall mounted dual handle tap + built-in part MIL107S + UCS 10 (G 3/4"-G 1/2")
    Special Price €1,259.04 €1,032.00 Regular Price €1,573.80
  2. Cea Design MILO360Wall mounted dual handle tap + built-in part MIL38S + UCS 10 (G 3/4"-G 1/2")
    Special Price €1,252.21 €1,026.40 Regular Price €1,565.26
  3. Cea Design MILO360 Wall mounted dual handle tap + built-in part MIL142S + UCS 10 (G 3/4"-G 1/2")
    Special Price €1,238.54 €1,015.20 Regular Price €1,548.18
  4. Cea Design MILO360 Wall mounted tap + built-in part MIL106S + UCS 09 (G 1/2")
    Special Price €765.18 €627.20 Regular Price €956.48
  5. Cea Design MILO360 Wall mounted tap + built-in part MIL35S + UCS 09 (G 1/2")
    Special Price €751.52 €616.00 Regular Price €939.40
  1. Cea Design Regolo Free-standing progressive tap for tub + built-in part REG16S + INC 17 (G 1/2")
    Special Price €5,816.96 €4,768.00 Regular Price €7,271.20
  2. Cea Design Regolo Set of 2 progressive tap + built-in part REG11S + BOX 24 (G 1/2")
    Special Price €4,112.86 €3,371.20 Regular Price €5,141.08
  3. Cea Design Regolo Free-standing progressive tap for sink + built-in part REG 08S + INC 17 (G 1/2")
    Special Price €3,949.87 €3,237.60 Regular Price €4,937.34
  4. Cea Design Regolo Set of 2 progressive tap + built-in part REG13S + SET 08 (G 1/2")
    Special Price €3,659.02 €2,999.20 Regular Price €4,573.78























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Technological Innovations by Cea Design

Cea Design's technological innovations in faucet design focus heavily on enhancing user experience and promoting environmental stewardship. Their faucets feature advanced flow regulators and aerators which significantly reduce water usage without sacrificing water pressure.

This technology is pivotal in areas facing water scarcity and for users keen on reducing their ecological footprint. Additionally, Cea Design incorporates thermostatic valves in their shower systems to maintain consistent water temperature, ensuring safety and comfort while minimizing energy use.

These innovations reflect Cea Design's commitment to functionality and sustainability, offering users state-of-the-art solutions that conserve resources and elevate the daily ritual of water use in homes.

Design Awards and Recognitions of Cea Design

Cea Design has garnered numerous design awards and recognitions, establishing its leadership in the faucet industry. These accolades highlight their commitment to excellence and innovation in design. Winning prestigious awards such as the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award, Cea Design is celebrated for its aesthetic appeal, functionality, and sustainable practices.
This recognition from the global design community affirms the quality and innovation embedded in every Cea Design faucet.

When choosing the right faucet for your home, consider these award-winning aspects. Look for a design that complements your bathroom's style while offering practical features. Consider faucets with water-saving technologies to align with sustainable living.
Cea Design offers a range of faucets that blend beautiful design with eco-friendly functionality, making it easier to choose a product that fits both your aesthetic preferences and environmental values. Selecting a Cea Design faucet means bringing a piece of celebrated craftsmanship into your home, enhancing both its beauty and sustainability.

Cea Design's Impact on Modern Bathrooms

Cea Design faucets have significantly transformed modern bathroom spaces, making them a top choice for contemporary homes. Their sleek designs and innovative features enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of bathrooms. These faucets are known for their minimalist style, which fits seamlessly into modern decor while offering unmatched durability and eco-friendliness. The integration of water-saving technologies appeals to environmentally conscious consumers, showcasing how luxury and sustainability can coexist.

Looking towards the future, the brand is likely to continue influencing future trends with its commitment to innovative solutions that perfectly blend form and function. These advancements will not only elevate the user experience but also reinforce the brand's reputation as a pioneer in sustainable luxury bathroom design. By staying ahead of trends, This brand will keep shaping the future of bathroom aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that users have access to both stylish and environmentally responsible products.

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