Dwelli partnership

Dwelli has begun a collaboration path during these years with many professionals in the world of bathroom furnishings. Our experience combined with our desire to create the best design solution for the living space of our customers has conducted to the realization of many projects around the world.

Here is the perfect program for a best collaboration with professionals of the sector: Dwelli Partnership.

dwelli partnership

Hi, I'm Michele, I'll conduct you in the discovery of our Partnership program.

Who is it for?

To all professionals who need to increase knowledge of the world of bathroom furnishings. Architects, interior designers and companies, willing to work with us and who appreciate the priceless value of Italian design.

What are the benefits?

The Partnership program includes 2 levels of collaboration based on turnover, updated annually. You will be followed by one of our dedicated consultants who will answer to all your questions, you will access to all offers for our partners. We will create a personalized path suited to your profession.

Our experience is not just about selling, but we could also give you stylistic advice.

The starting level is BEGINNER PARTNER, all details will be indicated in the registration email.

How can I participate?

Fill out the form dedicated to you (here below). It is the first step to create our collaboration path. Every detail will help us in the creation of the best partner program for your professional profile.

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