FIMA Frattini: Excellence in Bathroom Fixtures

FIMA Frattini stands out in the bathroom fixtures market, offering a blend of style and practicality. Known for their meticulous design and reliable products, FIMA Frattini has become a favorite among homeowners and designers looking for high-quality bathroom solutions.

A Storied Beginning

Founded in Italy, FIMA Frattini started as a small workshop dedicated to producing exceptional bathroom fixtures. The company's growth over the years has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation. Today, FIMA Frattini is recognized globally for its outstanding products and dedication to customer satisfaction.

This rich history is reflected in FIMA Frattini's diverse faucet collection. The company offers a wide range of faucets designed to meet various aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you prefer modern or traditional styles, FIMA Frattini has a faucet to match your taste. These faucets are engineered for easy use and consistent water flow, enhancing the overall bathroom experience. The meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials used in their production ensure that each faucet not only looks elegant but also performs reliably, embodying the brand's longstanding commitment to excellence.









  1. Fima SO Tub Group + Thermostatic Recessed Part F3179X2+F2462/2
    Special Price €1,997.14 €1,637.00 Regular Price €3,053.66
  2. Fima SO Built-In Tap + Recessed Part F3189X6+F4000
    Special Price €718.58 €589.00 Regular Price €1,063.84
  3. Fima SO Built-In Shower Tap + Recessed Part F3189X1+F3000
    Special Price €523.38 €429.00 Regular Price €760.06
  4. Fima SO Deck Mounted Tub Tap F3174
    Special Price €1,464.00 €1,200.00 Regular Price €2,220.40
  5. Fima SO Bidet Single Lever Mixer F3182
    Special Price €398.82 €326.90 Regular Price €569.74

FIMA Frattini: Collections

FIMA Frattini's dedication to creating high-quality, stylish bathroom fixtures is evident in their SO, Spillo Tech, and Maxima collections. Each collection offers unique designs and features, catering to various aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

The SO Collection combines sleek, modern lines with functional efficiency. This collection features minimalist designs that add a contemporary touch to any bathroom. The SO faucets are characterized by their clean lines and smooth surfaces, making them easy to clean and maintain. Their understated elegance and reliable performance make them a popular choice for modern bathroom interiors.

The Spillo Tech Collection stands out with its innovative design and advanced functionality. Faucets in this collection feature precise engineering and high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-term performance. Spillo Tech faucets are designed to provide a luxurious user experience, with features such as adjustable water flow and temperature control. The unique design elements, like the thin spout and ergonomic handles, make these faucets a focal point in any bathroom.

The Maxima Collection embodies a blend of classic and modern aesthetics. This collection offers a variety of styles that can complement both traditional and contemporary bathroom decor. Maxima faucets are known for their robust construction and elegant finishes. The designs in this collection are versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of bathroom styles. The combination of form and function in Maxima faucets ensures that they not only enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom but also provide exceptional usability.

Each of these collections reflects FIMA Frattini's commitment to quality, innovation, and design, offering something unique for every bathroom setting. Whether you are looking for minimalist sophistication, advanced functionality, or versatile elegance, FIMA Frattini's SO, Spillo Tech, and Maxima collections have you covered.

















FIMA Spillo Tech

  1. Fima Spillo Tech Toilet Roll Holder F6005/1
    Special Price €70.88 €58.10 Regular Price €101.26
  2. Fima Spillo Tech Double Hook F6004/2
    Special Price €52.95 €43.40 Regular Price €75.64
  3. Fima Spillo Tech Towel Holder F6000/60
    Special Price €117.00 €95.90 Regular Price €167.14
  4. Fima Spillo Tech Built-In Mixer + Recessed Part F3039X6+F4000
    Special Price €602.92 €494.20 Regular Price €861.32
  5. Fima Spillo Tech Built-In Mixer + Recessed Part F3039X2+F3000
    Special Price €356.97 €292.60 Regular Price €509.96

Comprehensive Shower Systems and Coordinated Accessories

FIMA Frattini provides an array of shower systems tailored to different preferences. From simple showerheads to intricate systems with multiple functions, FIMA Frattini showers deliver comfort and luxury. The systems are designed to be easy to install and maintain, ensuring long-lasting performance. Each shower system reflects FIMA Frattini’s commitment to quality, combining advanced engineering with user-friendly features to enhance the overall shower experience.

Beyond faucets and showers, FIMA Frattini also offers a range of bathroom accessories that complement their main products. These include towel bars, soap dishes, and other essentials that add a cohesive look to your bathroom. Each accessory is crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as FIMA Frattini’s primary fixtures. The accessories are designed to match the aesthetic of the faucets and shower systems, ensuring a unified and stylish appearance throughout the bathroom.

The accessories are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. Towel bars are designed to hold towels securely without slipping, soap dishes feature drainage holes to keep soap dry and extend its life, and toilet paper holders are sturdy and easy to use. These small details make a significant difference in the overall usability and look of the bathroom. FIMA Frattini’s accessories are made from durable materials, ensuring they remain in excellent condition even with daily use. Their designs are timeless, allowing them to fit seamlessly into any bathroom style, from modern to classic.

The FIMA Frattini Difference

Choosing FIMA Frattini means choosing a brand that values quality and customer satisfaction above all. Their dedication to creating beautiful, functional bathroom fixtures has earned them a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellence. With FIMA Frattini, you can transform your bathroom into a space that reflects your style and meets your needs.

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FIMA Maxima

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