Munich Project

PLACE:  Munich
YEAR: 2019

INTERVENTION: Designing a bathroom for a private residence.

The Munich project aimed to design a small bathroom for a private residence in Germany. The peculiarity of this living space is the large window that faces directly outside, towards the garden of the house. We proposed to the client to highlight the space outside to have a greater contact with nature and to obtain a more natural lighting.

The style chosen for this bathroom is a modern style, characterized by the contrast of light colors and more vibrant colors such as red matt and electric blue details. The colored details of the Mutina wall and cladding, more precisely of the Din collection characterized by multiple formats and multiple colors. A more neutral base was used to accentuate the tones of these tiles, a collection by Mutina that has the particularity of having 3D elements that make the tile more authentic and beautiful to the touch, namely Mutina Bas-Relief Patchwork White.

As for the furniture, however, the real protagonist of the room is the Rexa Design Unico bathtub with niche installation that gives you the opportunity to look outside and relax even more during the bathroom.

Flumood box top with two integrated washbasins from the Antonio Lupi company was used for the washbasin, completed by the countertop taps from the Eleganza collection by Gessi, the same collection was then used for the bathtub taps and for the Gessi Cono wall-mounted sanitary.

The mirror present is a NeutroLed mirror by Antonio Lupi, which thanks to its rear LED light gives even more importance to the coating used.

As a piece of furniture, which at the same time allowed to optimally heat the environment, a chromed Irsap Tesi radiator was inserted vertically.

For the floor, the Mutina company is always the protagonist, with its collection dedicated to wood, called Wood & Metal, to remain on neutral and warm tones.

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